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About Us

Mocsocs are finest quality “half socks” that are geared towards the refined gentleman that chooses to wear fine quality loafers, drivers, moccasins, boat shoes, saddle shoes, and even in recent fashion, tennis shoes and oxfords without socks. Mocsocs are socks that cover just the front half of the gentleman’s foot providing comfort and protection, in a fashionable way. The gentleman appears not to be wearing socks, but he is. Mocsocs are made with 80% Polyester/20% Spandex, they have full designs woven into them and are made with a variety of material blends (Not stockings/panty-hose material).

Mocsocs are full functioning socks that cover the foot where it matters. They are made to function like designer underwear for your feet. Mocsocs are made with beautiful designs that can be seen only when shoes are removed and are classy all the way. These socks will be ideal for vacationing gentlemen who will wear shoes without socks when wearing shorts, linen, suits, and other outfits. These gentlemen are sweaty and uncomfortable right now, but Mocsocs are here to save them.